Sunday, 8 May 2011

RCRG vs LBRG 19th March 2011: The write up - By Inya Head

Final score RCRG 150 – LBRG 26

The day dawned bright and sunny as around 50 Bombers and supporters gathered together for a road trip to Manchester. With spirits riding high it was a great introduction to some of our newer recruits and friends as to just how loud rollergirls can get when they’re ready for action!

The first bout was Rainy City’s Tender Hooligans against Dublin, which was very entertaining. Jammers from both teams managed to fight their way through to gain Lead Jammer and score points, and the blockers made a determined effort to stop them! There were also a fair few trips to the box and a few jams with an extra player inadvertently on the track. In the end the visitors triumphed with the final score Dublin 94 to the Hooligans 76.

The line-ups for the main event were:

Captain: She’za Payne

Diva La Lunatic
Kelly Kaos
cattfight Candy

Lil Cherry Kick Her

Dis Con Tinued
Minx a’matosis

Florence the Machine
Synyster Motives

Inya Head
Total Melfunction

Katomic Bomb

Line-up manager: Foxxy Cleotrapya

Bench Coach: Al Driver Mad


Captain: Missy Rascal
Ice Berg
Morgue Anna
Dollface Diablo
Elle Loco
Mama Firefly
Rogue Doll
Carman Ave a Go
Yo Gi O
Belle Istic

From the first few jams Rainy City took an early lead. Their slippery jammers kept finding their way through while ours were stuck behind a seemingly impenetrable wall. The pack was very fast paced, and much of the game was tactical rather than hard-hitting.

Despite the increasing points difference, there was a phenomenal amount of cheering (I thought the roof would come off every time we won Lead Jammer) and choruses of L-B-R-G with clapping and stamping that shook the room! Kissy’s fans brought an enormous banner and every single one of us up there was boosted by the amount of love shown to us.

The first period finished 70-7 to RCRG and we resolved to get back out there, re-focus and fight harder than ever. We managed to put a few more points on the board, but it was too little too late. Despite an injured captain and a mammoth scoreline, the LBRG girls put in everything right to the end and the crowd kept on cheering for us. MVP for Lincolnshire Bombers was awarded to our star blocker Synyster Motives and MVP for Rainy City went to Missy Rascal.

We had a great time, thank you very much to the lovely Rainy City Roller Girls for hosting and thank you to all the Bombers Massive who made the journey to come and support us.

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