Friday, 27 May 2011

A Bomber Nation - Roller Derby Radio

Good Morning Derby peeps of the UK.

As I’m sure you are all aware, Roller derby is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK today, with so many new leagues popping up every month, it’s a fantastic time for this sport and all the people involved in it.

A couple of us bombers have been in talks with a local radio channel in our area and have managed to secure a fortnightly UK online available radio show, for a 1 hour dedicated Roller Derby radio show. Our show is not only broadcast across Lincolnshire, but is available as listen live, online across the world. How exciting!!

Although this show is a Bomber run show, we are hoping for big things for the sport. Using this tool, we are hoping to create media coverage and publicity for the sport as a whole across the country. We have full access to recording devises and… excitingly, access to live phone interviews for skaters anywhere in the country and we have even been informed, we can interview skaters live from the United states or Europe if needed.

How does this effect or interest you?

We are looking for any issues, or topics you would like to hear about, and interviews you would be interested in giving, any shout outs or bout publicity you would like mentioning… and of course, we would love you all to tune in, see what its all about and give us any advise on how we can improve the show and make it more interesting for you all, new and older skaters included.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please let us know.

And if you listen live, you can text and email the show, we will pick those up in the studio.

So no matter how new, old, experienced or even slightly interested, please check it out, this is a massive step for Roller Derby in the UK and we are working hard each week, to create new and interesting shows for you all.

Thank you for Listening.

Diss Continued!, Synyster Motives, Florence the Machine and Total Melfunction.

Your Friendly Derby disc Jockeys. xx

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