Thursday, 14 July 2011

LBRG become a WFTDA Apprentice League!

The Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls are delighted to announce that we have been accepted onto the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice League Programme. This is fantastic news for the league and something that has been worked towards for a long time, with the help and support of the ever awesome Rat City Roller Girls, who we thank wholeheartedly.
LBRG aim to use the wealth and knowledge of our sister leagues worldwide, to better our game, our teams and our league. We are pleased to begin our journey to full WFTDA member status with our mentors and eagerly look forward to the future.  Along with the 10 other European Apprentice Leagues and the first fully fledged EU members, the London Roller Girls, we will continue to collaborate and work hard to develop the sport of roller derby further in Europe.
LBRG wish to congratulate our derby sister leagues Helsinki Roller Derby, Central City Rollergirls, Crime City Rollers, Glasgow Roller Girls and Royal Windsor Roller Girls for also making the grade and successfully becoming WFTDA Apprentices alongside us, super exciting times await us all!

Friday, 27 May 2011

A Bomber Nation - Roller Derby Radio

Good Morning Derby peeps of the UK.

As I’m sure you are all aware, Roller derby is currently the fastest growing sport in the UK today, with so many new leagues popping up every month, it’s a fantastic time for this sport and all the people involved in it.

A couple of us bombers have been in talks with a local radio channel in our area and have managed to secure a fortnightly UK online available radio show, for a 1 hour dedicated Roller Derby radio show. Our show is not only broadcast across Lincolnshire, but is available as listen live, online across the world. How exciting!!

Although this show is a Bomber run show, we are hoping for big things for the sport. Using this tool, we are hoping to create media coverage and publicity for the sport as a whole across the country. We have full access to recording devises and… excitingly, access to live phone interviews for skaters anywhere in the country and we have even been informed, we can interview skaters live from the United states or Europe if needed.

How does this effect or interest you?

We are looking for any issues, or topics you would like to hear about, and interviews you would be interested in giving, any shout outs or bout publicity you would like mentioning… and of course, we would love you all to tune in, see what its all about and give us any advise on how we can improve the show and make it more interesting for you all, new and older skaters included.

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please let us know.

And if you listen live, you can text and email the show, we will pick those up in the studio.

So no matter how new, old, experienced or even slightly interested, please check it out, this is a massive step for Roller Derby in the UK and we are working hard each week, to create new and interesting shows for you all.

Thank you for Listening.

Diss Continued!, Synyster Motives, Florence the Machine and Total Melfunction.

Your Friendly Derby disc Jockeys. xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lincolnshire Bombers vs Royal Windsor Roller Girls - by Lil Cherry Kick'Her

After missing our first international bout and our first win as a travel team due to attending many weddings and Hen Do's,
i was determined to show my team mates that all our training had still prepared me for what was to come.My last bout had
been against Rainy City which was certainly one to remember but for all the wrong reasons! I hoped that this bout would
finally show our hard work and endless hours of training pay off.

I particularly looked forward to this bout as many years ago i told my friend she would be amazing at Roller Derby,
and she is.....but unfortunately not for LBRG but for RWRG!! This was the first time i was to see her skate, and it was against her!

I never seem to get too nervous around bout day, just excited and apprehensive about what to expect. The coach journey 
with all my team mates and our INCREDIBLE supporters always makes our trips memorable.

So we all sat in the usual suicide seating to watch the B-Team bout which often helps to get thinking about the game 
and what lies ahead. Their halftime whistle blows and we changed into our white away kit...which i now realise makes
us look like an advert for Daz! A stark difference to the black everyone is used to. So we begin donning our warpaint
and go outside for our off skates warm up...something we all look forward to as it helps us loosen off and focus, and as
it was so flippin hot in the hall it was nice to get some fresh air!

I was up on the first jam and i can honestly say that right from that first whistle it felt like it should feel. When
you line up on that track you need to know you can trust your team mates, work together and rely on each other. And thats
how it felt every time I went up. Our walls were strong, our tactics were effective (most of the time :S) and we used our
increased levels of fitness to our advantage...apparantly we made a couple of Windsors jammers sick because of the speed!
A couple of highlights for me were managing to hold back AnDracula with my team mates while our jammer did a couple of laps...
only to have her zip straight passed me untouched when she was up next! Another was watching Syn take the star pass and leaving
the audience in suspense as to whether the panty would stay on her head or not. One of our newest bouting girls, Helli Chopper,
braved a few jams and did us all incredibly proud by showing no fear and giving everything she had got to Windsor. Our scores
crept up Windsors also kept creeping up to stay at pretty much double our efforts throughout. 

The score may have shown that we lost dramatically yet again....but it did not feel like that when up on the track. If
points were awarded for team work, dedication and a fighting spirit then there is no question we would have been 
right up there. But again this was not our time...watching the bout was frustrating for many of our team members 
who could see both our strengths and weaknesses and the greatest thing about losing is learning. "Learning and growing..." haha!
No matter how positive you are losing is not acceptable and it feels crap! However as a team we have always battled against stronger 
teams and have been fighting all the way. We had our win against Birmingham Blitz Dames and now look forward to another great match against Sheffield in June. Hopefully using what we have learnt from this bout to show our home crowd that we can play all our strengths effectively against a more evenly matched team.

Lil Cherry Kick'her

Bombers roster

She'za Payne - Captain
Diva la lunatic - Vice
Minx a matosis
Kelly Kaos
Total Melfunction
Lil cherry Kick'Her
Florence the Machine
Diss Continued!
Inya Head
Synyster Motives
Hellie Chopper
Katomic Bomb
Jewel in Armour


MVP - Synyster Motives
Best Blocker - Diss Continued!
Best Jammer - Diva la lunatic
Penalty Queen - Synyster Motives

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BBD vs LBRG - Review courtesy of Katomic Bomb



It was clear from the warm-up that LBRG had skills. In a synchronicity that even Craig Revel-Horwood would be forced to applaud, the girls strutted their stuff; turning, hopping and swooshing in unison, to the delight of their small but dedicated (and noisy) group of supporters. A skate out to ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain got the crowd pumped up and after BBD had been similarly introduced it was time for headdresses to be removed and kit to be checked, ready for the good stuff to begin.

Let me set out my stall. I skate with LBRG and am making no attempt at an unbiased report of the day. I jumped, shouted, screamed and, “what the f***?”ed with the rest of the small but perfectly formed group of LBRG fans. If you’re after an objective review of the bout, you’ll need to go somewhere else. If, however, you want a trackside, LBRG view of the day…

LBRG took control from the outset, calling off the first jam before BBD had a chance to score and then reinforcing their lead with a grand slam in the second. Disappointed to be left out of the action, Mr Kripling decided he didn’t want to referee jam 3 and instead got himself on track for a little skate around. We shared Kissy’s bemusement as he became Dean to her Torvill but he quickly realised that in the face of a pissed off jammer is not a place to hang around, and headed back to his rightful position.

It’s always good to see fresh meat on the track and Kathital Punishment and Hellie Chopper proudly donned their Nutcase helmets to represent LBRG for the first time. They certainly made the most of it! Hellie Chopper earned Lead Jammer in her jamming debut and Kathital Punishment got so excited about hitting people that she decided not to let something as trivial as four whistles stop her. Superb work ladies! (Well, not the hitting after the whistle, that’s naughty, but we salute your enthusiasm!)

By the end of the first half we’d seen more LBRG grand slams, Synyster Motives heading feet-first into a wall, Catfight Candy wiping out Marvel and a beautiful star pass from Kissy to minx a’matosis. Training with Bob was paying off as our jammers were barely noticing attempts by BBD to block them. With the score at 18-48, LBRG were looking good.

BBD came back in the second half with renewed vigour and different tactics. Heavy, effective defence meant that our jammers were starting to find themselves stuck at the back of the pack from time to time. BBD also upped the pace of the pack, determined not to give away any more points. Maybe they were the second best team in the country after all? More tactical changes saw BBD fighting for the front of the pack, but whatever they brought, LBRG had an answer.

Second half LBRG highlights included an over-enthusiastic whip from Synyster Motives that saw Diva La Lunatic head straight for the floor, and some interesting moments where the pack appeared to morph the space-time continuum in order to spread themselves around half the track. Clever!

With both teams fighting hard right until the final whistle, LBRG never let complacency set in. Buoyed, no doubt, by some epic chanting from the crowd (we tried to do our bit!), our girls refused to let BBD add any more points in the last 7 minutes, holding them to 32 until the end. Despite some brilliant blocking from BBD, who refused to give up, LBRG managed to bag a few more sneaky points, before sailing through the final whistle with 84 under their black and blue belts.

Both teams played superbly with Violet Attack from BBD proving a particularly tricky customer. BBD played hard and well, right to the end, providing an exciting and memorable bout. Thanks ladies!

But it was LBRG’s day. After starting as the underdogs, our girls skated as a tight team, confident in their abilities and tactics, communicating effectively and reaping the rewards. At times they seemed almost psychic; anticipating each others’ moves without seeming to speak. Confidence emanated from them before the bout even began and was justified repeatedly as play went on. This was a well earned victory from a hard working, tough skating bunch of determined women, against worthy opponents. This was what roller derby’s all about.

Captain – Kelly Kaos
Vice Captain – minx a’matosis

Most Intimidating Player – Synyster Motives
Hardest Hitter – Diss-Continued!
Best Jammer – Catfight Candy
MVP – minx amatosis

Final score: BBD 32 – LBRG 84

Katomic Bomb, Lincolnshire Bombers

Sunday, 8 May 2011

RCRG vs LBRG 19th March 2011: The write up - By Inya Head

Final score RCRG 150 – LBRG 26

The day dawned bright and sunny as around 50 Bombers and supporters gathered together for a road trip to Manchester. With spirits riding high it was a great introduction to some of our newer recruits and friends as to just how loud rollergirls can get when they’re ready for action!

The first bout was Rainy City’s Tender Hooligans against Dublin, which was very entertaining. Jammers from both teams managed to fight their way through to gain Lead Jammer and score points, and the blockers made a determined effort to stop them! There were also a fair few trips to the box and a few jams with an extra player inadvertently on the track. In the end the visitors triumphed with the final score Dublin 94 to the Hooligans 76.

The line-ups for the main event were:

Captain: She’za Payne

Diva La Lunatic
Kelly Kaos
cattfight Candy

Lil Cherry Kick Her

Dis Con Tinued
Minx a’matosis

Florence the Machine
Synyster Motives

Inya Head
Total Melfunction

Katomic Bomb

Line-up manager: Foxxy Cleotrapya

Bench Coach: Al Driver Mad


Captain: Missy Rascal
Ice Berg
Morgue Anna
Dollface Diablo
Elle Loco
Mama Firefly
Rogue Doll
Carman Ave a Go
Yo Gi O
Belle Istic

From the first few jams Rainy City took an early lead. Their slippery jammers kept finding their way through while ours were stuck behind a seemingly impenetrable wall. The pack was very fast paced, and much of the game was tactical rather than hard-hitting.

Despite the increasing points difference, there was a phenomenal amount of cheering (I thought the roof would come off every time we won Lead Jammer) and choruses of L-B-R-G with clapping and stamping that shook the room! Kissy’s fans brought an enormous banner and every single one of us up there was boosted by the amount of love shown to us.

The first period finished 70-7 to RCRG and we resolved to get back out there, re-focus and fight harder than ever. We managed to put a few more points on the board, but it was too little too late. Despite an injured captain and a mammoth scoreline, the LBRG girls put in everything right to the end and the crowd kept on cheering for us. MVP for Lincolnshire Bombers was awarded to our star blocker Synyster Motives and MVP for Rainy City went to Missy Rascal.

We had a great time, thank you very much to the lovely Rainy City Roller Girls for hosting and thank you to all the Bombers Massive who made the journey to come and support us.

Lincolnshire Bombers - Ready for our 2011 Season - by Diss-Continued!

The Lincolnshire Bombers are fast approaching their first bouting season with their new travel team. After a 10 month break, working hard, training new skaters, skating in mixed bouts, recruiting, we are back with a vengeance, taking on some pretty worthy teams, testing our new skater line ups and March 19th will see our first bout against Manchester’s Rainy City Roller Girls and, man, are we excited to be back!
I myself only joined the Bombers at the end of April 2010 having never even put on a pair of skates in my life before. I remember joining and buying myself a really crappy pair of skates, thinking it would be at least a year before I would even need to upgrade to R3’s…… since then my life has totally changed for the better.
The team has gone through a lot in the last 12 months and the whole team agrees we have never been closer than we are today. Half the new travel team are brand new Bomber skaters, never having skated A Team before and man have we had to work hard to prove our worth to get on that team. On joining I knew straight away that I wanted a place on the main bouting team. Two weeks after starting I watched the girls skate against Royal Windsor, the first bout I ever watched and I was hooked. I’ve always been a fast paced and reckless kind of person, fast cars, motorbikes, horses… anything fast… roller derby seemed just my kind of sport… and much more affordable and accessible than the things I have been into in the past.
From then on I focused and trained as hard as I could. I still remember Kaos’s loving comment of encouragement, three weeks in, when I moved to the afternoon intermediate group and I was a little scared of learning transitions….”were you told to leave the track? No… stop being such a wuss and get back on there… the worst you can do is fall over and have to get back up and try again” and ever since then, every time I felt the slightest bit of fear, I heard Kelly Kaos telling me to get back on that track and try harder.
From evenings of outdoor skating, practicing transitions and toe stop turns, to gruelling off skates fitness training and our structured team training hosted by the amazing She’za Payne, I have loved every minute… but it has definitely not been an easy ride.
In October 2010 I was Lucky enough to get the opportunity to skate with the Bombers at the Great Northern Showdown. This was my first ever public appearance with the Bombers and was an amazing experience. We had a real mix of skaters, from a hand full of brand new skaters, some skaters returning from up to 6 months off skating due to injury and some skaters returning from breaks, mixed with some of our A team girls to give us a chance to all skate together for the first time.
We worked really hard for this competition and our main goal was to win the first game, so we could at least win one…. Much to all our amazement we finished winning the tournament, with tears in our eyes… all that hard work and hard times had paid off. That was one of the most amazing experiences and as a team; we all became even closer and more positive about times ahead.
Since then, we have upped our training and had many more tears as some of us newer skaters had to face off against the A Team girls to prove our worth… and those girls are tough. Now, here we are, the week of our bout and everyone is so excited, many squeals and whoops when the 19th is mentioned along with that nervous excited feeling at the thought of it all….
Win or lose every single one of us has worked our socks off for this, blood sweat and tears. We have given everything, so no matter the out come of this game, we know we have tried our best.
Diss Continued! – Lincolnshire Bomber Roller Girl