Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BBD vs LBRG - Review courtesy of Katomic Bomb



It was clear from the warm-up that LBRG had skills. In a synchronicity that even Craig Revel-Horwood would be forced to applaud, the girls strutted their stuff; turning, hopping and swooshing in unison, to the delight of their small but dedicated (and noisy) group of supporters. A skate out to ‘Jump Around’ by House of Pain got the crowd pumped up and after BBD had been similarly introduced it was time for headdresses to be removed and kit to be checked, ready for the good stuff to begin.

Let me set out my stall. I skate with LBRG and am making no attempt at an unbiased report of the day. I jumped, shouted, screamed and, “what the f***?”ed with the rest of the small but perfectly formed group of LBRG fans. If you’re after an objective review of the bout, you’ll need to go somewhere else. If, however, you want a trackside, LBRG view of the day…

LBRG took control from the outset, calling off the first jam before BBD had a chance to score and then reinforcing their lead with a grand slam in the second. Disappointed to be left out of the action, Mr Kripling decided he didn’t want to referee jam 3 and instead got himself on track for a little skate around. We shared Kissy’s bemusement as he became Dean to her Torvill but he quickly realised that in the face of a pissed off jammer is not a place to hang around, and headed back to his rightful position.

It’s always good to see fresh meat on the track and Kathital Punishment and Hellie Chopper proudly donned their Nutcase helmets to represent LBRG for the first time. They certainly made the most of it! Hellie Chopper earned Lead Jammer in her jamming debut and Kathital Punishment got so excited about hitting people that she decided not to let something as trivial as four whistles stop her. Superb work ladies! (Well, not the hitting after the whistle, that’s naughty, but we salute your enthusiasm!)

By the end of the first half we’d seen more LBRG grand slams, Synyster Motives heading feet-first into a wall, Catfight Candy wiping out Marvel and a beautiful star pass from Kissy to minx a’matosis. Training with Bob was paying off as our jammers were barely noticing attempts by BBD to block them. With the score at 18-48, LBRG were looking good.

BBD came back in the second half with renewed vigour and different tactics. Heavy, effective defence meant that our jammers were starting to find themselves stuck at the back of the pack from time to time. BBD also upped the pace of the pack, determined not to give away any more points. Maybe they were the second best team in the country after all? More tactical changes saw BBD fighting for the front of the pack, but whatever they brought, LBRG had an answer.

Second half LBRG highlights included an over-enthusiastic whip from Synyster Motives that saw Diva La Lunatic head straight for the floor, and some interesting moments where the pack appeared to morph the space-time continuum in order to spread themselves around half the track. Clever!

With both teams fighting hard right until the final whistle, LBRG never let complacency set in. Buoyed, no doubt, by some epic chanting from the crowd (we tried to do our bit!), our girls refused to let BBD add any more points in the last 7 minutes, holding them to 32 until the end. Despite some brilliant blocking from BBD, who refused to give up, LBRG managed to bag a few more sneaky points, before sailing through the final whistle with 84 under their black and blue belts.

Both teams played superbly with Violet Attack from BBD proving a particularly tricky customer. BBD played hard and well, right to the end, providing an exciting and memorable bout. Thanks ladies!

But it was LBRG’s day. After starting as the underdogs, our girls skated as a tight team, confident in their abilities and tactics, communicating effectively and reaping the rewards. At times they seemed almost psychic; anticipating each others’ moves without seeming to speak. Confidence emanated from them before the bout even began and was justified repeatedly as play went on. This was a well earned victory from a hard working, tough skating bunch of determined women, against worthy opponents. This was what roller derby’s all about.

Captain – Kelly Kaos
Vice Captain – minx a’matosis

Most Intimidating Player – Synyster Motives
Hardest Hitter – Diss-Continued!
Best Jammer – Catfight Candy
MVP – minx amatosis

Final score: BBD 32 – LBRG 84

Katomic Bomb, Lincolnshire Bombers

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