Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lincolnshire Bombers vs Royal Windsor Roller Girls - by Lil Cherry Kick'Her

After missing our first international bout and our first win as a travel team due to attending many weddings and Hen Do's,
i was determined to show my team mates that all our training had still prepared me for what was to come.My last bout had
been against Rainy City which was certainly one to remember but for all the wrong reasons! I hoped that this bout would
finally show our hard work and endless hours of training pay off.

I particularly looked forward to this bout as many years ago i told my friend she would be amazing at Roller Derby,
and she is.....but unfortunately not for LBRG but for RWRG!! This was the first time i was to see her skate, and it was against her!

I never seem to get too nervous around bout day, just excited and apprehensive about what to expect. The coach journey 
with all my team mates and our INCREDIBLE supporters always makes our trips memorable.

So we all sat in the usual suicide seating to watch the B-Team bout which often helps to get thinking about the game 
and what lies ahead. Their halftime whistle blows and we changed into our white away kit...which i now realise makes
us look like an advert for Daz! A stark difference to the black everyone is used to. So we begin donning our warpaint
and go outside for our off skates warm up...something we all look forward to as it helps us loosen off and focus, and as
it was so flippin hot in the hall it was nice to get some fresh air!

I was up on the first jam and i can honestly say that right from that first whistle it felt like it should feel. When
you line up on that track you need to know you can trust your team mates, work together and rely on each other. And thats
how it felt every time I went up. Our walls were strong, our tactics were effective (most of the time :S) and we used our
increased levels of fitness to our advantage...apparantly we made a couple of Windsors jammers sick because of the speed!
A couple of highlights for me were managing to hold back AnDracula with my team mates while our jammer did a couple of laps...
only to have her zip straight passed me untouched when she was up next! Another was watching Syn take the star pass and leaving
the audience in suspense as to whether the panty would stay on her head or not. One of our newest bouting girls, Helli Chopper,
braved a few jams and did us all incredibly proud by showing no fear and giving everything she had got to Windsor. Our scores
crept up slowly....as Windsors also kept creeping up to stay at pretty much double our efforts throughout. 

The score may have shown that we lost dramatically yet again....but it did not feel like that when up on the track. If
points were awarded for team work, dedication and a fighting spirit then there is no question we would have been 
right up there. But again this was not our time...watching the bout was frustrating for many of our team members 
who could see both our strengths and weaknesses and the greatest thing about losing is learning. "Learning and growing..." haha!
No matter how positive you are losing is not acceptable and it feels crap! However as a team we have always battled against stronger 
teams and have been fighting all the way. We had our win against Birmingham Blitz Dames and now look forward to another great match against Sheffield in June. Hopefully using what we have learnt from this bout to show our home crowd that we can play all our strengths effectively against a more evenly matched team.

Lil Cherry Kick'her

Bombers roster

She'za Payne - Captain
Diva la lunatic - Vice
Minx a matosis
Kelly Kaos
Total Melfunction
Lil cherry Kick'Her
Florence the Machine
Diss Continued!
Inya Head
Synyster Motives
Hellie Chopper
Katomic Bomb
Jewel in Armour


MVP - Synyster Motives
Best Blocker - Diss Continued!
Best Jammer - Diva la lunatic
Penalty Queen - Synyster Motives

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